Education is the key determinant of the lifestyle and status, an individual enjoy in a society. Educational attainment has strong effect on reproductive behaviour, family planing and AIDS knowledge, occupation, income, sanitation system and issue related to family health and hygiene. According to RDA survey, unearths the evidence that every race has it own traditional, nature of living. In is survey questionaire included question about food, health, income and sanitation system. According to the respondent answer, it is learnt that their culture, tradition, religion, social and economic which has been practices since time immemorial and passed on from their fore-father to the present generation. In respect of traditional custom, folk song, folklore, folk dance etc. The association will help to preserves as far as possible. But regarding health and sanitation system and issue related to family planning, ocupation and income. The association will work hard and change will take place in the tribal society through school. A good school is must to train the young boys and girls in order to change their old traditional living system.

The Ideal English School was established in 2000 run by Rural Development Association (RDA) which is situated in the thickly populated area at Ayokpa Village, a Tribal Village at the adjoining border of Bishnupur and Senapati District, Manipur. The Ideal English School has aim to impart education to weaker sections of rural populations and scheduled tribe of the society. The Ideal English School is a co-educational Institute running upto Class-X (Ten) standard to bridge the gape in all angles through education. Due to the unfavourble situation in the remote hilly villages and poor economic condition of tribal community many of tribal children could not afford to attend class in the school. The financial position of majority of the tribal families was also the main factor for high drop-out rates among S.T. boys and girls in the area. Some of the Government run schools located in the interior villages do not have adequate teachers and necessary infrastructures as result, the problem of education among the tribal children left unattended the schools.

Considering numerous facts of the problem faced by the scheduled tribe communities and other weaker sections in the area the Rural Development Association (RDA) set up the Ideal English School and formulated various education projects and submitted to various Ministry, Government of India to uplift the tribal children and the downtrodden populations in the society.

The Association / Society is running hostel both for boys and girls with free fee concession for the deserving and underprivileged students. Maximum of the students in the hostel belongs to SC/ST community coming from remote far flung (hilly) villages to enlighten their mind through education. The financial administration of the school is run with the support from income generating programmes / activities perused by the association.

The boys and girls boarders have been selected from the most deserving and poorest section of the society. The availability of girls and boys hostel will improve in streamlining the ST students’ education by reducing drop-out rates in our area. It will also reduce the discrepancies in gape between urban and rural existing in the state.

The Ideal English School is bringing a better academy atmosphere to the whole populations in our area and sound administration of the Headmaster with well qualified teachers. It can bring a good reputation by producing 100% pass percentage in the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) Examination from 2010 and onward. The school is feeding mixed communities students all over from Manipur State specially in academic atmosphere. The Association has a target and believe that the Ideal English School will pave the way to enlighten / disillusionment through education the mind of deserving students of SC/ST by leading to enter into the mainstream of general competition of the nation.

The association continuing in persue with untiring to build to all individuals to draw a self confidence, decision and success in their way of life through this school. The Association has emphasized mainly on education i.e. the Ideal English School to upgrade, improve and uplift the weaker sections of the society. Further, the association conducted various co-curricular activities like sports meets, excursion, seminar, and joint discussion with parents , teachers and students to improve the academy affairs of students community now and then.

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