Agriculture and Allied

Peoples of Sadar Hills depend highly on agriculture sector as their main source of livelihood. Agriculture in Manipur is critically depend onseasonal cycle, huge labour force is required during the peak period and to meet the labour shortage, women/men pooles to form a team or Laogot in Ruangmei, Khutlang in Meitei, comprisingly 20 to 40 members perform the agriculture task of planing Mario(onion), Banana, Ginger, Turmaric, Pineaple, Papaya, Soya Beans, etc. based on the norm of mutual exchange reciprocity and inter-dependance. RDA form a SHG from this Khutlang team and train them in the field of Musroom cultivation, organic farming, handloom, handicraft, plantation of fruit and flower gardening. The organisation (RDA) help financially to all the SHG after giving them well train.

Vermi Compost – RDA vision is to conquer and changed the indirect or adverse harmful effect caused by the use of chemical fertilizer. Vermi Compost is a process of compositing using earthworms and their dropping is what we used as compost. This compost contain water soluble nutrient which are excellent, nutrient rich organic fertilizers and soil conditioner that has reduced level of contaminant.

Vermin- compost is opposite to chemical fertilizer as its usage doesn’t cause harmful effect on soil, plant, environment and human. Compost make soil fertile, improve soil aeration and its water holding capacity which enhance the plant germination, growth and helps yield more crop. DRA has been organising awareness programme, “Danger of chemical fertilizer usage”. At the same time training were imparted to the SHG how to prepare Vermi- compost and kept the soil natural. Financially help to all the SHG according to their need. Jhoom / Shifting cultivation – Jhooming cultivation is still practice in the hills district of Manipur as wet land paddy field were unable to development by individual. In order to protect or preserved the forest; the RDA taken up the land development work, Construction of Dam and irrigation were main agenda of RDA. Most of the Jhooming/ Shifting cultivation land were turned into permanent field by introducing horticulture items, such as orange, lichies, amla, etc. paddy field cultivate land were also turn into permanent wet land/ paddy field with the help of dam and irrigation and also by using local made fertilizers (Vermi- compost).

Our Association had organized a 2 day basic training programme on Agriculture and Horticulture at Community Hall, Bungte Chiru Village for the local marginal Agricultural and Horticulture Farmers on 6th – 7th Feb. 2013. The main objectives of the training was eradicate ignorance and to reduce the practice of jhum cultivation in the hills by acknowledging engagement in wages and less products in Jhum cultivation. Our association emphasing to educate to cater on modern scientific method of agriculture and horticulture in place of jhum cultivation old traditional type. The surrounding villages of the association head office were invited to attend the training which have attended by a crowd of 450 to 500 marginal farmers of the area.

All the marginal farmers who were attended the training have appreciated and response to practice the modern scientific method practice instead of heavy invagement of wages in jhum cultivation and less products.

The Resource Person, Professor, O. Mani Singh insisted to undergoes on Medicinal Plants plantation, plantation of grass land and plantation of trees in place of jhum cultivation to produce better environment in our area could save the world environment.

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